Instagram likes and followers- The modern era hype.

What is it about? 

Instagram community has been there for more than a decade and has seen a boom of audience joining them since last few years. The day is coming to us extremely quick that Instagram surpasses Facebook. Instagram’s community is very quickly influenced by the likes and followers today. However this wasn’t the case when Facebook alone led the social media industry. It is still very promising how Instagram is reaching its peak under ‘Meta’ which eventually is just the root of both Facebook ad Instagram.

Why is the influence market so inefficient to form a better society? 

Instagram just like any other social media market started off to be a tool of world wide communication. With the photo filters, hashtag trends, 24-hour stories and recently the reels feature coming in has shown that Instagram can be a very creative platform for people to explore more about the world. With the coming up of celebrities from the globe started to be known as the “Influencer” who made the modern trends famous on Instagram among the masses drastically declined the value of Instagram as a place of ‘follower-influencer” base. Masses in search of the trends kept on focusing on just the influencers which led people loosing their sense who individuality and becoming like their personally chosen influencers.

“How do I look?” The question of trouble

A country like India where the mass can be manipulated pretty easily, Instagram along with its algorithm techniques still covers majority of minds of people.

Its incredible at a point to see how many people can come up with such creativity and togetherness with each other not just in India but throughout the globe. At the same time, the disgust of how minds are shaped into seeking public validation due to the social media site. One may ask the world for how they look and act and thousands may consider them as worth a like. But that one comment that doesn’t side with the majority turns out to be the cause of all the imbalance to happen with the user.

Instead of judging ourselves on the criteria of how good of a person we are or what lies deep inside us, we’re inclined to seek validation from everyone but ourselves. The Instagram likes and follower ratio prevails as a threat to stability and reality checks one must be made to face.