Thinking Space 2.32 Released

Thinking Space 2.32 is a bug fix release that ties up a few loose ends for Thinking Space 2.31. The fixes are: Further XMind file format compatibility fixes Fixed possible crash when entering Relation mode A little reduction in program memory consumption Fixed Attachment URI issues Also, Thinking Space Pro is now on sale in the Android market, for a limited time you can get 33% off of the normal price!

MindGenius gains Freemind/Thinking Space support

The MindGenius desktop application has now gained Freemind file support with it's 3.71 update.

MindGenius 3.71 Blog Release entry

MindGenius and Thinking Space are in the early stages of working in collaboration with Young Enterprise Scotland charity to provide participants with Mind Mapping software for desktop and mobile use.

Japan Earthquake update

Wow! After what is easily Thinking Space's biggest ever week of sales, £2223.04* (~$3607USD) has been donated to the British Red Cross tsunami appeal at:

This was truly a massive week of sales for Thinking Space, due to the fact that on the 12th of March Thinking Space was featured in the Android Market by Google for the first time.

Japan Earthquake

In light of the devastating tsunami in Japan, all net revenue received from Thinking Space Pro sales over the period of 12th March to 18th March will be donated to the Red Cross appeal.

(British Red Cross) Japan Tsunami Appeal

An update will be posted here shortly after the 18th with further details


Thinking Space 2.3 Released

Today Thinking Space 2.3 is released! This release brings in a new (kickass) UI, which will improve your workflow and mindmapping speed! Also fixed is the 'freemind compatibility' warning message that you desktop Freemind users used to get. Hope you like the new UI! I've disabled comments on storys due to spam, but feel free to message me on twitter or email (contact details to the right)

Thinking Space 2.2.1 Released

Thinking Space 2.2.1 has been released.

This is mainly a bug fix release that improves the compatibility of Thinking Space with XMind maps.

Thinking Space 2.2 released

Thinking Space 2.2 has now been released.

This version introduces XMind file support, and a tag based Folder system (for Pro users).

XMind is a popular desktop Mind Mapping application that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Please see for more information.

2.1 Released!

Thinking Space 2.1 has just been released via the Android market!

Translations update

Phew, that took ages! All the translations have been updated on the Pootle server. This means that all the strings/text from version 2.1RC3 is now online.

New experimental version: 2.1RC1 released

A new experimental build of Thinking Space is now on the Android Market and Downloads section of this site.

This new version allows Thinking Space Pro users to associate nodes with files on their Android device, which makes fun things like linking in images, audio recordings, or other files such as PDF possible.

This release also includes the other changes from the recent experimental builds, which includes: