New beta release

The experimental version of Thinking Space has been updated with a new build (v2.02B2).

Whats been happening..

There's been a couple of small updates since the release of V2.0, heres a quick list of new features:
  • Configurable save directory, so now you can choose where your maps are saved/loaded from (If you're a dropbox user, you may like this feature!)
  • Text exporting, export an indented/numbered text version of your map
  • Translations: Start of a Chinese translations, thanks to Costi! And Borja's done a great job of finishing the Spanish version off.

Version 2.0 Released

After more than 6 months of development, Thinking Space version 2.0 has been released!

New features include:

1. Pinch and Zoom
2. Gestures
3. Node Linking
4. Quick Search support
5. Mind Manager V8 support
6. Rendering and Layout engine rewrite
7. Ads..

With the release of version 2.0, Thinking Space is now ad supported, with the option of a paid app to remove ads. The Ad supported version supports all the features of the paid version, so both versions share exactly the same feature set.

Mindjet/MindManager support

This ought to make the corporate users happy! The latest experimental version of Thinking Space now supports basic Mindjet/MindManager file compatibility.

Support is limited at the moment, things like Node Graphics and Node Icons are not yet saved.

The default file-format type can be changed from the settings menu.

I've only tested this with the Trial version of MindManager 8 and the samples that come with that, so please send feedback, positive or not!

Update: Node Graphics and the stock Thinking Space Node Icons now supported :)

Linking Nodes

New feature in the latest beta: Linking Nodes!

Quite pleased with how this has turned out. Let me know what you think!

Gesture support

Good news for Hardware Keyboardless users!

How many times have you wanted to strike off an item, only to be put off by drilling into 3 layers of menus to do it?

Gestures to the rescue!

The latest experimental version supports Gestures, bringing a lot of functionality fast and to your finger tips.

If you have an Android 1.6+ device, check out the experimental version by searching the Android Market for 'Experimental'

Don't forget to send me feedback, really keen to hear how well this works for you.

New experimental version

I've posted a new experimental version to the Market, hidden here:

This version is highly experimental! It features a new rendering and layout engine.

Writing the new layout and rendering engine has been quite an intensive process, which is one reason for the lack of updates recently.

The biggest new feature of the new version is Pinch & Zoom.. quite pleased how this has turned out! But for the moment it means that only Android 2.0+ devices can use it.

Pootle Translation server

One of the advantages of having a cheap VPS is the flexibility to put some cool toys on it :)

One neat thing I'm trying at the moment is the  'Pootle Translation Server'. This will make translating Thinking Space to other languages and maintaining existing translations much easier!

Some technical speak for developers:

Tidy Coding #2

I've started to rewrite the node layout code, its along way from finished, but the new code should be much faster.  As well as being faster, the new layout system will support 'dynamic' node insertions and removals, so that nodes can be added and removed to the map without having to re-layout the entire map.

Now for some technical speak for tech heads :)

The old (or current) method of laying out the map involves iterating over the map 3 times.

Tidy coding

Heres a developer update of what I'm up to at the moment, the past couple of weeks I've been working on re-shuffling, tidying up, and optimising the Thinking Space code. Its quite fun ripping out large chunks of code and replacing it with more efficient re-writes! But also means that I'm going to be breaking alot of working stuff in the process too :) 

This means that the next release will not probably have many, if any, new features, but under the hood it will be a more finely tuned machine.