Japan Earthquake update

Wow! After what is easily Thinking Space's biggest ever week of sales, £2223.04* (~$3607USD) has been donated to the British Red Cross tsunami appeal at:


This was truly a massive week of sales for Thinking Space, due to the fact that on the 12th of March Thinking Space was featured in the Android Market by Google for the first time.

The donation was made using the 'Gift Aid' option that UK residents get when donating to charities. This entitles the organisation receiving the donation to claim back UK taxes on the donation amount, which amounts to an extra 28.21% in value. Therefore, the amount the Red Cross will be receiving from this donation raises to £2850.05 ($4625.20) once the UK government makes the tax-back contribution.

I am delighted (and also somewhat intrigued!) that Thinking Space had the opportunity to convert people's 'virtual want' for Android Apps into a 'physical action' capability for the Red Cross. Organisations such as the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders are always there and ready to help with any kind of humanitarian disasters, wherever and whenever they occur. It makes me extremely happy that Thinking Space was able to do it's little bit for their cause.

Thanks everyone!

*The figure donated above represents the total sum of the 'purchases' values in my Google Checkout console for the 7 days over the 12th to the 18th of March, and the few Paypal payments received for this same period.

Donation confirmation:

Dear Charles Chilton, Thank you very much for your donation of £2223.04 to the British Red Cross - Japan Tsunami Appeal Your payment reference is: INC00919688 You have now completed your online donation to the British Red Cross - Japan Tsunami Appeal. Every day, we make a difference to the lives of people in crisis. And people like you make it possible. Thank you