Thinking Space 2.2 released

Thinking Space 2.2 has now been released.

This version introduces XMind file support, and a tag based Folder system (for Pro users).

XMind is a popular desktop Mind Mapping application that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Please see for more information. XMind support in Thinking Space means that users can now save and open native XMind files.

The Tag based folder system allows Pro users to catergorize and sort the mindmaps on the title screen into groups so that you can find them easier next time.

Aside from the new features, there are some small performance improvements, usability improvements, and many more changes and bug fixes.

Thinking Space 2.2 is now available for download via the Android Market, and the downloads page on this site.

Charlie, Thanks a ton for

Charlie, Thanks a ton for this update, I've been using thinking space for a little over 6 months now, and had the pro version for about 4. After all that time, i've started to need a good way to organize my maps. This update is perfect - it took me about 3 minutes to tag all my maps and now I can find any map I want almost instantly. Two thumbs way up! You've made me a happy customer - glad I paid, but your app is worth way more than I spent on it. On an unrelated note, I've noticed a bug in the latest 2 or 3 updates: The Volume up and down keys that are used to zoom in and out are glitching for me on my droid. If I press and release, it zooms momentarily but then quickly returns to the previous zoom level. If I press and hold, it zooms several levels, and when I release, it backs up one zoom increment. Hopefully it's an easy bug to find and fix, sorry to nitpick, but I've got every key mapped to do something and I like using the vol. keys to zoom :) I've tried it both on my stock froyo rom and my cm 6.1 rom, hope that helps. Thanks again, you rock!

I was super excited about the

I was super excited about the XMIND support. Unfortunately it seems to be quite unstable. I have several xmind maps that will simply not open. The app just closes itself when I try to use them. On a couple of others, the maps will open, but if I attempt to edit the map, the application crashes. On a few others, it seems to work great. . . I am hopeful the bugs can be worked out and a more stable release made available. . . I love this app, but it is just to unstable to depend on it right now.

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