Download Thinking Space

Thinking Space is available to download on the Android Market.

If you are reading this from your Android Device with the Android Market installed, click here to download Thinking Space

If the android market is not available on your device, you may download it here:

Click here to manually download Thinking Space

The easiest way to install this, is to open this page on your Android device, select the above link, and then select the download once its completed to install.

Old version - For Android 1.5 devices

If you are unable to find Thinking Space in the Android Market and the above installation file does not work, then you are probably using Android 1.5.

Thinking Space had to drop support for Android 1.5 with version 2.0

But! Here is the installation file for the last version of Thinking Space that was 1.5 compatible

Don't forget, that if/when you get a system update for your phone, to try version 2.2, as its got loads of new features

Click here to download the legacy/old version of Thinking Space

Experimental version

Experimental version, 2.2.1B1