About Thinking Space

Thinking Space is a Mind Mapping application for Android phones. Portable Mind Mapping has never been so much fun! Thinking Space is available for free in the Android Market, just search for 'Thinking Space'or use the barcode below with your barcode scanner app:

If you are reading this page on your Android Device, Click here to download from the Android Market!



  • Create eye-catching maps quickly and easily
  • Compatible with Freemind .mm and MindJet file formats
  • Intuitive UI for 'SpeedMapping'! 
  • Export maps to images and send over email
  • 'Cloud' functionality allows you to upload and download maps to your phone via the Thinking Space Web Portal


Comments from the Android Market for Thinking Space

by supastarr:
Excellent app, intuitive & a great alternative to traditional note taking
by Christopher:
A stunning application and a joy to use.
by do0zman:
This is an amazing tool to have. I'm remodeling a house and this has helped so much
by Kasim:
Great app...this thing makes brain storming worth the time spent.
by carol:
Fantastic app. I was mapping straight away and got a whole project brainstormed while stuck in traffic
by James:
Very well conceived and beautifully executed.
by Ricardo:
Extremely well done. Have been using mindmaps on desktops for years and this one is surprisingly usable and aesthetically appealing.
by foebea:

Must useful app on droid for me, iphone friends are jealous.